Crafting Innovative Portal Solutions for Juno Diagnostics

For Juno DX, we designed and developed the entire frontend of three applications. One internal for the lab processing and managing orders, one for patients for ordering pregnancy kit, viewing results and one for providers, for onboarding patients and overseeing the lifecycle of their orders.
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The Head of Technology at Juno Diagnostics, a life sciences company offering genetic screening services for reproductive health in the U.S., reached out to BNMA for technological expertise.

The Challenge

Juno Diagnostics needed to develop three critical portal solutions:

  • A patient portal for accessing test results.
  • A laboratory portal for managing patient data, samples, and results.
  • A physician portal for handling orders, patient data, and test results.

The goal was to create scalable, secure, and user-friendly web interfaces for different user groups, facilitating efficient interaction and data management.

BNMA's Solution

BNMA was selected for their proximity, budget-friendly pricing, and cultural fit. A team of 6-10 employees was assigned to lead the front-end development of the portals. The scope of work included:

  • Designing Scalable Web Infrastructure: Developing a robust web infrastructure to support various consumer devices.
  • Shared Dependencies for Rapid Development: Implementing a system to share dependencies across portals, accelerating development and feature integration.
  • Secure and Private Systems: Ensuring the highest levels of security and privacy for patient and physician data.


BNMA's contribution led to significant achievements:

  • Timely Development and Enhancement: The portal solutions were developed within the requested timeframes, with ongoing enhancements made in iterative release cycles.
  • Agile Project Management: Frequent updates and a clear Agile/Scrum approach ensured consistent progress and timely delivery of new features.
  • Effective Communication and Problem-Solving: BNMA's communication and eagerness to tackle challenges were highlighted, along with their ability to provide clear expectations and meet deadlines.
Technologies Used:
  • NX for mono-repo
  • NodeJS (Express), using TypeScript for the backend
  • Postgres on AWS RDS
  • React
  • Tailwind
  • AWS Build Pipelines, S3, CloudFront


This case study demonstrates BNMA's capacity to handle complex, multi-faceted projects in the healthcare technology sector. Their ability to develop secure, scalable, and user-friendly portal solutions within a rapid time-to-market framework stands as a testament to their technical proficiency and commitment to client needs, driving Juno Diagnostics forward in their mission to provide essential healthcare services.

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