Streamlining Type League Press - Automating Custom Orders for Enhanced Efficiency

Discover how BNMA's custom solution dramatically enhanced Type League Press's order efficiency and business growth.
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Type League Press, led by its founder and CEO, is an E-Commerce company specializing in personalized home goods, including drinkware and other decor items. They approached BNMA to address a significant challenge in their business operation.

The process began with in-depth consultations to understand the unique challenges and goals of Type League Press.

The Challenge

Type League Press faced a daunting challenge with data entry. Each order being unique and personalized resulted in intensive manual processing, requiring numerous employees and extensive hours. The goal was to find a custom solution to streamline this process, thereby saving time, money, and increasing order throughput.


  1. Faced with the challenge, Type League Press sought a solution that could seamlessly integrate into their existing systems while providing the efficiency they desperately needed. The answer lay in a custom-developed solution that interfaced with their current Zendesk and Shopify’s API setup.
  2. The process began with a series of detailed consultations, allowing for a deep dive into the unique operational challenges and objectives of Type League Press. The goal was not just to create a system that worked but one that resonated with the specific nuances of their business model.
  3. The solution developed was a tailored system, focusing on automating the data entry and order intake process. This new system was designed to handle the intricacies of managing personalized orders at scale. By automating these processes, Type League Press was poised to significantly reduce manual input and the associated errors, while speeding up their entire order processing flow.
  4. This custom solution, developed within a tight timeframe of about a month, marked a pivotal shift in how Type League Press managed its operations, setting the stage for a new era of efficiency and scalability in their business.


The impact of BNMA’s solution on Type League Press was profound:

  1. Operational Efficiency: The automation of the order process eliminated the need for additional data entry staff.
  2. Accuracy: The shift from manual to automated processes significantly reduced errors.
  3. Increased Capacity: The company was able to triple or even quadruple its order throughput, a crucial factor during peak seasonal periods.
  4. Revenue Growth: The enhanced processing capacity allowed for accepting more orders, leading to a substantial increase in revenue.

Technologies Used:

  • NodeJS (Express), using TypeScript for backend
  • Postgres on AWS RDS
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Shopify, Dropbox, Zendesk APIs


This case study exemplifies BNMA's skill in delivering custom solutions that dramatically improve business operations, leading to increased efficiency and profitability. Type League Press's experience highlights the transformative power of the right technological solution in overcoming operational challenges.

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