Building a Robust Web Application - FIJIAPP

ClaytonWolf needed a solution that was not only technically sound but also delivered within tight deadlines and budget constraints.
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A Partner at ClaytonWolf Consulting, a firm offering financial services for the residential real estate industry, engaged BNMA for their expertise in software development.

The Challenge

ClaytonWolf Consulting's main objectives were:

  • Developing detailed requirements for a new product - FIJIAPP.
  • Creating and testing a user-friendly end-user web application.

They needed a solution that was not only technically sound but also delivered within tight deadlines and budget constraints.

BNMA's Solution

BNMA was chosen for their high ratings, budget alignment, cultural fit, and value. A team of 2-5 employees was dedicated to the project, focusing on:

  • Requirement Development: Transforming user requirements into detailed specifications for a web application.
  • Software Development and Testing: Building and rigorously testing the application, ensuring functionality, configurability, and ease of use.


The collaboration with BNMA resulted in:

  • Timely Delivery: All project phases, from development to testing, were completed on schedule.
  • Budget Adherence: BNMA strictly adhered to the development budget, avoiding any cost overruns.
  • Feature Completion: Every feature outlined in the statement of work was delivered and tested to ClaytonWolf Consulting’s satisfaction.

Technologies Used: 

NX Mono Repo,  ReactJS, Tailwind, Redux Toolkit, NodeJS, Express, Postgres, AWS, WordPress

Client Experience

ClaytonWolf Consulting highlighted BNMA’s exceptional project management, noting their proactive communication and responsiveness. The most impressive aspect was BNMA’s commitment to the budget and their collaborative approach, providing valuable input to enhance the product throughout its development.


This case study exemplifies BNMA’s ability to deliver high-quality software solutions within stringent timelines and budgets. Their approach of working closely with clients, not just as a contractor but as an integral part of the team, ensures that the end product aligns perfectly with the client’s vision and business needs.

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