Advancing Sony Entertainment's CRACKLE Platform

Designed and developed multiple systems for the Sony Entertainment Platform.
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Sony Entertainment, for their CRACKLE platform, required the development of several complex systems to enhance their media streaming service. BNMA was tasked with designing and developing these systems, employing a range of modern technologies.

The Challenge

The challenges presented to BNMA were multifaceted and required a blend of technical expertise and innovative thinking:

  • Payment Integration for Eastern Asia: Developing a robust payment integration system tailored to the unique market requirements of Eastern Asia.
  • Hybrid Mobile Media Player: Creating a versatile media player compatible with multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and Web.
  • Media Telemetry System: Building a system to analyze media telemetry data to optimize media sorting for the Crackle platform.
  • Data Warehouse Ingestion System: Designing a solution to efficiently transfer media and user data from a CMS system to an Azure Data Warehouse.

BNMA's Solution

BNMA addressed these challenges using a variety of technologies:

  • .Net Microservices for Payment Integration: Utilized .Net Microservices to build a Fortumo-based payment integration system, ensuring secure and efficient transactions.
  • React for Hybrid Mobile Media Player: Developed an intelligent, hybrid mobile media player using React. This solution ensured seamless media playback across iOS, Android, and Web platforms.
  • Media Telemetry Analysis: Engineered a comprehensive system for calculating and analyzing media telemetry, aiding in effective content organization and user experience enhancement on the Crackle platform.
  • Azure-Based Data Warehouse Ingestion: Implemented a sophisticated data ingestion system using Azure functions, Azure Service Bus, Azure Data Lake, and SQL Database to migrate media and user data effectively into an Azure Data Warehouse.


BNMA's solutions significantly advanced the CRACKLE platform's capabilities:

  • Enhanced Payment System: The new payment system catered specifically to the Eastern Asian market, improving transactional efficiency and user satisfaction.
  • Cross-Platform Media Player: The React-based media player offered a consistent and high-quality user experience across various devices and platforms.
  • Optimized Content Strategy: The media telemetry system provided valuable insights for content sorting and recommendation algorithms.
  • Efficient Data Management: The Azure Data Warehouse ingestion system streamlined data transfer processes, improving data accuracy and accessibility.

Technologies Used:

  • A payment integration system for eastern Asia using
    Fortumo built with .Net Microservices.
  • An intelligent, hybrid mobile media player, built using React, that supports multiple platforms including iOS, Android and Web.
  • An entire system for calculating media telemetry to help sort media for the Crackle platform.
  • A Data warehouse ingestion system for porting media and user information from a CMS system to an Azure Data warehouse using a set of Azure functions, Azure Service Bus, Azure Data lake and SQL Database.


This case study demonstrates BNMA's prowess in tackling complex software development projects for a major entertainment platform. Through innovative solutions and the strategic use of modern technologies, BNMA was able to significantly enhance the functionality and user experience of Sony Entertainment's CRACKLE platform.

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